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We are striving to create and maintain a vibrant and appealing website which both draws in people new to our church and supports the St. Barnabas congregation.  Likewise, we are building a social media presence which supports and celebrates our work and communicates what we believe as well as what we do in the community.  Your help is essential!

New Content Requests

Requests for social media posts, new web pages or content on existing pages are welcome.  Please consider the following when making your request:

  • Longevity: 

    • Short-term announcements or seasonal features will be more appropriate on the “What’s Happening” page or on the home page of our website.  These are also perfect for social media posts.

    • Content of a more permanent nature may need it’s own web page or section on an existing page.

  • Copy Editing & Design:  All content is subject to editing for length, message, tone and, of course, spelling and grammar.  The website / social media editors are responsible for copy editing and design of the site.   

  • Approval:  While we will attempt to meet all requests, the Rector and/or the Associate Rector will make the final decisions on content for social media and the website.  Website and social media editors will work closely with the Rector and Associate Rector to coordinate content requests.

  • Content Owner:   For the website, a content owner will be required for all long-term / permanent content.  The owner is responsible for providing the initial content, including text, photographs, graphics, logos, etc.  and for collecting that content if it needs to come from various people.  The owner will also be responsible for keeping the content current, updating text and photographs when necessary, and reviewing the content at least twice a year.  The website editors will not be able to accommodate requests to act as content owner on behalf of someone else.

Content Updates

Short-term announcements or seasonal features may be requested at any time.  Content which needs frequent updating such as calendars or weekly bulletins may need to be handled by the content owner.  In this case, the website editors will provide training on how to do the updates.


The website and social media are maintained by volunteers, and there may be delays in fulfilling requests.  Please allow a few days for updates and a few weeks for new content.

Request Process

To request a content update, complete the form below or email the same information to

Update Existing Web Page
Add New Content
Post to social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
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