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The Rev. Sean Wall

The Wall family came to St. Barnabas in December of 2013 and it has been a joyful experience for us.

I grew up in Idaho, where I graduated from the University of Idaho and then commenced on a twenty-year career in the United States Navy. While in the Navy, I served as an F-14 Tomcat Radar Intercept Officer and in several staff positions. Following my retirement in 2009, I completed a Master of Divinity degree from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific and started my ordained ministry in July of 2013.

My wife, Melissa, and I met at an Episcopal Church youth event when we were in high school and she has been stuck with me ever since. We are rapidly approaching our thirtieth wedding anniversary and looking forward to an empty nest. We have four children (plus a son-in-law and a grandson), but we are down to just one kid at home. Sure, we love him, but we are still counting down….

I often say that I am grateful that I got to be in the Navy, and I have now added that I am grateful that I get to be the priest at St. Barnabas. It is an amazing gift to work among such wonderful and faithful people.

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Staff & Vestry - Bonnie

The Rev. Bonnie R Stewart

The Rev. Bonnie R Stewart is our new Assistant Priest at St Barnabas.  She is attended Church Divinity School of the Pacific. She was ordained to the Priesthood in May of 2019.  Previously, she served as Deacon at St. Michael and All Angels in Portland, OR. Bonnie and her wife Megan moved to Portland from Oakland, California in 2014. She is an avid baseball fan (S.F. Giants) and enjoys playing golf and kayaking.  

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Cathie Dainton Piacente
Office Administrator

Cathie Dainton Piacente

I am a cradle Episcopalian and was confirmed at St. Paul's (Willimantic, CT) when Rev. Douglas Theuner was our Priest. He later became the The Rt. Rev. Douglas Edwin Theuner, VIII Bishop of New Hampshire. I have attended Episcopal services in Connecticut, Florida and Ohio – at another St. Barnabas. I am married to David Piacente who was a "3-pack," bringing Nicole and Sarah into my life. We have two children still living at home: Kianne and Dante. We have three grandchildren. We have a 30-year-old Eastern Box turtle and two dogs: Ginger, and Blaze.  Email Cathie Piacente

Glenn Bjorkquist
Music Director and Sexton

Glenn Bjorkquist

Lewis Needham
Organist and Pianist

Lewis “Judge” Needham

I was first the organist at St. Barnabas as a summer replacement while still in high school in 1962. My wife, Marilee, and I were married here in 1967. I have been full time here since 1982, but I’ve also been a millwright, welder, electrician, cabinet maker, mechanic, and cement finisher.

Aubin Spice
Christian Education Director/Youth Minister

Aubin Spice

 I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and then moved down to Chicago. After graduating from divinity school, I was baptized and confirmed as an adult.  My significant other,, Stephanie, grew up in Aloha.  At St. Barnabas, you’ll find me organizing and leading educational programs and volunteer opportunities, both for kids and for adults.    Email Aubin Spice


The 2019 St. Barnabas Church Vestry.
Back row:  John Engle, Rev. Sean Wall, Treasurer Vicki Church, Bill Bigas
Front row: Cathie Price, Sr. Warden Betty Woerner, Liz Martin, Anita Galloway, Jr. Warden Dorrie McGregory
2019 St. Barnabas Vestry

Back row:  John Engle, Rev. Sean Wall, Treasurer Vicki Church, Bill Bigas  Front row: Cathie Price, Sr. Warden Betty Woerner, Liz Martin, Anita Galloway, Jr. Warden Dorrie McGregory 

Betty Woerner-Senior Warden/Communications                  [email protected]  503-244-1593

John Engle-Junior Warden                                                                [email protected]    503-292-1139
Dorrie McGregor-Stewardship                                                        [email protected] 503-794-3993
Anita Galloway-Christian Education                                        [email protected] 503-807-8047
Cathie Price-Outreach                                                                                [email protected] 503-598-9363
Liz Martin-Parish Life                                                                                       [email protected] 503-756-9295
Vicki Church-Treasurer                                                            [email protected]  503-841-6444                                                                              

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