St. Barnabas Episcopal Church Celebrates 70 Years in the Community

St. Barnabas to celebrate their 70th Anniversary with a Gala and Silent Auction.

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church announces their 70th Anniversary Gala.

In 1949 St. Barnabas was born as the Portland population expanded into the southwest farmland.  The hills, then outside of the city limits, were just beginning to be dotted with homes.  Thick stands of trees and narrow winding roads and dairy farms created an illusion of isolated country living.

Families first met in members’ homes. As the congregation grew and needed more space, the Legion Hall in Multnomah Village was rented.  Construction of the current church was completed in March of 1955. Today, St. Barnabas finds itself serving a neighborhood that has dramatically changed since the 1950’s.  By the mid-1950’s St. Barnabas was overflowing with parishioners and two additional churches were born when our parishioners stretched out to live in new neighborhoods in Beaverton and Tigard: St. Bartholomew’s in 1954 and St. James in 1958.

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

Portland, OR