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Kitchen Community Dinner



St. Barnabas has enjoyed a long established Outreach ministry.  2019 saw the development of an Outreach Commission which was set up to support the Ministries our parishioners felt most identified with the mission of our church.

The ministries outlined below were the beneficiaries of 1800 volunteer hours as well as donations/gifts totaling $11,000.

Our mission in 2020 will include continued support of these groups. We are open to other outreach ministry ideas. Please contact Cathie Price at 503-318-0057 if you have an organization or idea you would like to propose to the Commission.

We are grateful to all those who contribute and volunteer to help others. 

We believe as is written in Matthew 20:28:   “Not to be served but to serve”

Outreach Ministry


Parishioners of St. Barnabas prepare and serve dinner for our Community the second Saturday of every month. We serve 50-60 guests each month with a tasty and healthy meal. Almost as important as the healthy food is the social interaction with our Community neighbors and friends. We also provide take home meals and food and personal item bags for those that need this additional source of food.  

Update: During this time of Social Distancing while we are not able to serve monthly dinners, we have stepped up the frequency of food and personal item bag distribution to every Saturday at 5 PM.

Food Bag Program

Saturday Food Bag Program

St. Barnabas Food Bag Expansion
St. Barnabas has been holding our monthly community dinners for more than a decade. This has brought together a wide variety of people; from those needing a hot meal and a warm place to sit, to those simply wishing to connect with their neighbors. Then came COVID-19 and we did not feel that our small kitchen and cozy dining room could provide a safe environment. However, we also knew that members of our community are struggling even more now that people are being sent home from their jobs. Therefore, we decided to quickly set up a weekly food bag pickup instead.
We did not know how well this effort would be received, or who would be able to help us in these scary times.  However, this is St. Barnabas, and we should never have had any doubt! This is the most amazing community of caring and generous people. We learned from our first crazy effort and now have strict safety protocols in place. We limit the number of volunteers in the building, tape out individual work areas, wear gloves, and chalk-out a well-spaced pick-up line and handout food bags across a table blocking the door. Our range of volunteer efforts is also incredible. We have people organizing, shopping, filling bags, handing out bags, delivering bags, contacting news outlets, talking to state and county agencies, taking flyers to Neighborhood House, making signs, researching good deals, and collecting donations from local supermarkets. To date, more than a dozen people have volunteered to help, plus several extremely generous donors who have provided us with food and cash. As a result, our bags are full of fresh food and, yes, toilet paper.
And our neighbors do appreciate it! The first week (just 2 days after canceling the dinner) we had just
six people come for bags. The following week we fed a dozen families. This week we handed out 30
bags – half at Grafe Hall and half through Stephens Creek Crossing. As we expand our outreach, we
expect the number of people we are helping to also increase. We are so grateful to everyone who is
supporting this effort - this is what makes St. Barnabas great!
There are many ways you can help too:
• Spread the word – every contact helps.
• Donate cash through the office. This is the best way for us to get exactly what we need, when
we need it, at good prices.
• Drop off food donations at Grafe Hall between 3:30 and 4:30 pm any Saturday. If you need a
different drop off time, contact Vicki Church ([email protected]).
• Grow extra fruits and vegetables in your garden (the need will last for many months).
• Ask you supermarket to donate paper bags (with handles) – we use a LOT of bags.
• Volunteer your time - we have some tasks that you can do from home, as well as the on-site
work filling bags (low-risk volunteers only for on-site work please).
• Pray for us and for our struggling neighbors – yes, that DOES help.
Questions? Contact: Jennie Armstrong ([email protected])

Community Partnerships


Portland Rescue Mission

St. Barnabas is a church partner with the Portland Rescue Mission. We volunteer to serve meals at their Burnside location every month as well as cooking, serving meals and providing community for the mother’s and their children at The Shepherd’s Door six times a year. If you have a desire to help with either of our current Portland Rescue Mission ministries, please contact Lisa Ann Begley at 503-753-7245.

Update: During this time of Social Distancing while we are not able to serve at The Burnside location or at Shepherd’s Door we continue to reach out with food donations and stay in contact with these organizations until we are able to be with them.

We also hold a FALL INGATHERING each October collecting socks, hats, scarves, outerwear, blankets, tarps and hard warmers.  At the end of the month these items are collected and transported to Portland Rescue Mission for distribution to the homeless.

Holiday Tea

On the first Saturday in December, the Women of St. Barnabas host a holiday tea complete with wonderful food, tea and fellowship.  The attendees learn about an organization in the community that would benefit from our monetary and other gifts.  In 2019, The Ronald McDonald House - SW Waterfront location was the beneficiary of the generous donations from our parishioners.

Neighborhood House

St. Barnabas is one of a number of churches in our neighborhood that has partnered with NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSE. We pledge yearly to meet the SW HOPE community food drive goals.

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