Choir Ministry


Choir Ministry

St. Barnabas has a small but lovely choir which is always in need of additional voices.  There’s no audition and you don’t need to be able to read music–come on out!  We have a new choir director that we are so excited about.  Shanti Michael  comes to us with a great deal of experience and the choir and music program are growing.

Music at St. Barnabas


St. Barnabas has a small but mighty choir which sings Sept. – June, taking the summer off.  Rehearsals are Tuesday nights, 6:45-8:45, and before church on Sunday, from 9:00-9:45.  We are always looking for new members, so come to a rehearsal and try us out.  The choir director is Shanti Michael, [email protected]


St. Barnabas’ organist is Judge (Lewis) Needham, 503-628-2430, who has been playing for us for many years.  The organ is a 1956 Moeller organ with additional pipes added later.

Choir Chimes:

St. Barnabas owns a set of chimes (similar to handbells), which we use at Christmas and sometimes other times during the year.  The chime choir is open to anyone who wants to try it—typically each person gets two chimes having one note each, and plays those two notes when they occur in the music.  Glenn Bjorkquist directs.


Several musical organizations use St. Barnabas as a performance space, as our acoustics are lovely.  Concerts are advertised on the church sign.

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