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The Food Cart: Mission on Wheels

Each Sunday members of St Barnabas bring food donations to place on the cart in the narthex. Three Sundays a month this food is taken to Neighborhood House, which serves families in SW Portland. On the Sunday before our free dinner, donations are used to fill food bags to give to those in need who come to our dinner. We especially like to include items high in protein, canned vegetables and fruit, and easy to prepare item such as boxed macaroni and cheese, tuna, and peanut butter. This is an important ministry at St. Barnabas and we invite everyone who feels called to participate. You can prevent hunger with your donation!

Food Cart Totals

Year to date including SW HOPE: 1810.5 lbs. collected (SW HOPE totaled 1373 lbs). SW Hope is Neighborhood House’s spring food drive. We continue to collect food on the food cart each Sunday. Since the end of SW Hope, the volume of food collected by month is as follows: April 82 lbs., May 42 lbs., June 102.5 lbs., Jul 83 lbs., Aug 47 lbs., and Sept 100 lbs. for a total of 456.5 lbs. The weights do not include foods collected that we dedicated for use in the food bags to go home from the Community Dinners. Please remember to bring something for the cart – each can or box of food helps!

Stump the Priest

Q: What happens with the food on the cart that comes forward during the Offering at the 10:00 AM service?
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Focus on the Women of St. Barnabas

It is so exciting to see so many new faces in the St. Barnabas pews.  Welcome everyone!  With that being said we thought we would take a minute to share with you just what the Women of St. Barnabas is all about.  Our mission statement is as follows:  “The mission of the Women of St. Barnabas, through service, gifts, and fellowship, will deepen and strengthen each woman’s spiritual life in service for the church and the community.”  Our group works with the priest and Vestry to help with many functions of the church.  Please check our bulletin board in Grafe Hall with current and ongoing events.
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Garden Time!

It’s time to get our garden going! We have done really well in the past, producing lots of veggies to give to Neighborhood House and to distribute at our community dinners. Janet Hawkins has offered to pick up 5 or 6 bales of organic compost to bring to our garden. We have picked a date of Friday, May 9th at 6 P.M. to get the garden ready and add the compost. With many hands, it should only take about an hour or so. Any time you want to just weed and dig out some of the old stuff to put around the plants in front of the church, please feel free to do so – that would be very helpful. The strawberries in particular need weeding!

SW Hope: Feed the Hungry

St. Barnabas once again outdid itself in support of the SW Hope Food Drive. Food donations totaled 1073 lbs. With cash donations of $853.36, the total equivalent donated was $4486.44! Our goal was 3500 lbs. Thank you to all who participated! This spring drive is vital to replenishing the Oregon Food Bank and Neighborhood House pantry.