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And, The Golden Halo Goes to…

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Glenn wins bracket contest, Anita predicted Bonhoeffer as the winner, they will draw lots for the sweatshirt*

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The Madness Continues!

The Round of 32, the first round of Lent Madness, finished with Barnabas’ victory on Wednesday. The Saintly Sixteen is underway, and Barnabas will face Bonhoeffer on Monday, March 14. Don’t forget to vote at

Oh, the Madness… Lent madness that is!

Lent Madness begins on Ash Thursday and we are going to up the ante a little this year – in a totally professional and morally upright manner, of course. Everyone is encouraged seek divine guidance in filling out a bracket with their prediction for the Golden Halo winner – brackets are available in the Narthex or at Points will be awarded in each round as the saints’ progress through the bracket, with the number of points possible increasing in each successive round. The person with the most points after the last round will win a Golden Halo mug from the Lentorium, an embroidered St. Barnabas sweatshirt of the size, color, and style of their choosing, and the undying admiration of the entire congregation. Entries are due to the office by Ash Wednesday, or you can drop them in the offering plate this Sunday. Don’t forget, beginning this Sunday (Feb 7), during Coffee Hour, we will discuss the action as we watch our favorite saints march through the bracket (or get martyred again) in the pursuit of victory. Please join us. Saintly Scorecards are available in the Narthex and in Grafe Hall – one per family please. For more information, check out lent madness.

Oh, the Madness… Lent madness that is!

Beginning February 7, we will vote our way to the winner of this year’s Golden Halo – St. Barnabas is in the field of 32, so we have someone to stuff the ballot box for, I mean cheer for. Like last year, we will discuss each saint after the 10:00 AM service, during coffee hour. The Saintly Scorecards and the poster bracket have been ordered. As soon as the books arrive, we’ll have them available for free to the congregation – at least until the 50 are gone. For more info, check out

Congratulations to 2015 Golden Halo Winner — Francis of Assisi

The Lent Madness Supreme Executive Committee congratulates Francis of Assisi on his victory in Lent Madness 2015. With over 8,200 votes cast, Francis and Brigid of Kildare staged an epic neck-and-neck race throughout the day, fueling saintly passions across the globe. The SEC has certified the election (after having to zap some votes from several over-voters). In the end, rest assured that the result was close but clean. To honor this achievement we have taken the liberty of rewriting his famous Canticle of the Sun. We suggest this be used in every Easter Day liturgy — either in the context of the sermon or as a communion anthem.
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Who’s your pick for the Golden Halo?

Lent Madness has swept through the St. Barnabas congregation! Learn about the impending battles between saints and cast your votes! Who will make the round of the Saintly 16? Francis or John Wycliffe? Balthazar or Cecelia? Egeria or Hildegard? Over the next four weeks the elimination rounds continue until the Golden Halo is decided on April 1st. We will discuss the saintly match-ups for the week during coffee hour (impassioned endorsements are always welcome) and track the process on the official tournament bracket found on the bulletin board in Grafe Hall.

This is a fun way to learn together about the saints and to “influence” our friends to vote with us. Kids (with parental permission) and adults with computers or devices can vote once per day. If you are not online, come to coffee hour on Sunday anyway for some saint and church history education. For more information or to order your own Saintly Scorecard please visit Contact Fr. Sean or Sandy Hunnicutt for more information.

Stump the Priest

The church calendar has a three year cycle (years A, B, and C). Why is that and how did they decide which lessons to include in each year?

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