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The Vestry has voted to end the St. Barnabas Community Garden

In the “you win some you lose some” category, in consultation with our gardeners, the Vestry has voted to end the St. Barnabas community garden. The location on the west side of the church has not been a successful area for gardening – it is particularly hot on that side of the church and the roots from the adjoining tree have invaded our planting boxes, choking out the vegetable plants. The plan is to remove the boxes in mid-May. If you would like to talk with Sean before the boxes come out, please contact him before May 12.

Got Veggies?

The St. Barnabas vegetable garden is ready to plant; in fact there are already tomatoes and beans growing. Father Sean will bless the garden following the June 7 services. If you would like to donate plants to the garden, please bring them on Sunday. We can always use volunteers for watering, weeding and harvesting. Contact Carolyn Nelson if you can help.

Garden News

Thank you to all who helped in the community garden this year, all who helped plant, water, weed and just tend the garden. Even though it was small and not as big a producer as in past years, we picked beans, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins and herbs to take to Neighborhood House, give away at our community dinner or use in our dinner. I am looking forward to next year to see how & what we grow. Let’s brainstorm early in the spring for those who are interested. Thanks again for feeding the community.
Carolyn Nelson 

Second Sunday Yard Work

Second Sunday Yard Work takes September off and will resume on October 12th at 11:30 A.M. Take time to grab a coffee and a snack and head outside to help maintain our grounds.

St. Barnabas Community Garden

Community Blesses the GardenOur garden is well on its way with beans, tomatoes, butternut squash, yellow zucchini, pumpkins, peppers, cilantro, rosemary, oregano, thyme and our strawberries that are already getting ripe.  Hopefully people will pick the strawberries and at our next community dinner the children can pick some to take home. Thank you to all who helped prepare the garden for planting, planted veggies and those who are keeping it going by watering and weeding. It was such a great effort by many to make this happen. There is still some room in the planter boxes to plant a few more veggies so if you haven’t done so and want to, it is not too late. It is so exciting to see things grow and to look forward to when we can pick and help feed our community with fresh produce. Any questions contact me through the church office. —Carolyn Nelson

Garden Blessing 2014

TomatoesOn Sunday, May 18th, Father Sean blessed the garden as part of the 10 A.M. service. Following the service, the congregation processed outside and blessed the garden. Now the work begins! Parishioners are encouraged to bring veggies to plant in the garden and/or to volunteer to weed, water, etc. For more information, contact Carolyn Nelson, Garden Coordinator.

Garden Time!

It’s time to get our garden going! We have done really well in the past, producing lots of veggies to give to Neighborhood House and to distribute at our community dinners. Janet Hawkins has offered to pick up 5 or 6 bales of organic compost to bring to our garden. We have picked a date of Friday, May 9th at 6 P.M. to get the garden ready and add the compost. With many hands, it should only take about an hour or so. Any time you want to just weed and dig out some of the old stuff to put around the plants in front of the church, please feel free to do so – that would be very helpful. The strawberries in particular need weeding!