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2015 Vestry

2015-2016 Vestry. Left to right: Scot MacLean, Eva Calcagno, Carolyn Nelson, Senior Warden Betty Woerner, Liz Martin, Robbie Jessen and Chris Battista

2015-2016 Vestry. Left to right: Scot MacLean, Eva Calcagno, Carolyn Nelson, Senior Warden Betty Woerner, Liz Martin, Robbie Jessen and Chris Battista

The 2015 Vestry Commission assignments are:

Betty Woerner: Sr. Warden and Finance/Stewardship

Chris Battista: Jr. Warden and Buildings & Grounds

Scot MacLean:  Pastoral Care

Elizabeth Martin: Parish Life

Eva Calcagno: Communications

Carolyn Nelson: Outreach

Robbie Jessen: Christian Education

Vestry Commission Assignments

The Vestry met for a Retreat on March 28th, to do some goal setting for 2015 and to make commission assignments for the year. Stay tuned for more details of our goals, including updating the Strategic Plan.
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Dinners for Eight to Launch in New Year

Looking for another excuse to gather together for food? If your answer is yes, I have a great opportunity for you, Dinners for Eight. These will be causal monthly gatherings of 8 people so that parish members can get to know each other better. We will randomly assign those interested to a group. Every four months the groups of 8 will be rearranged and the process will start again so you get to meet other individuals or couples from the parish. One person within each group will take the role of the convener. This person can host the first month’s meal and make sure that all questions and loose ends are taken care of throughout the four months. A sign-up sheet will be posted in Grafe Hall for those interested. The last day to sign-up is December 7th. The groups will be assigned soon after so that the groups can begin meeting in January. These gatherings are meant to be as low key as the group wishes and the primary goal is social – making new friends or getting to know “old” friends in a new way. If you have any questions, contact Parish Life Coordinator, Liz Martin, or Father Sean in the office.

Stewardship Drive

Thanks to all of the parish members new and old who returned their pledge forms during October. We are thrilled to be near our goal of 100% participation. If you have somehow forgotten to return your form, it is not too late! Please return it to the church office or put it in the collection plate. In the next few weeks Vestry will follow-up with any outstanding pledges. Please remember that pledging to the church is an important part of parish membership. It shows a commitment to the life and ministry of St. Barnabas. Whether you can give a little or a lot, it all is appreciated and is used to support the mission and ministry of our church.

Stewardship Drive in October

The months have rolled around, and we are once again to October, which is stewardship month. We will be sending out reminders for this, and would like people to consider increasing their pledge amounts to help us close the gap between income and monthly expenses. During October we will have laypersons giving their versions of “An Epistle for the Modern Church” in place of the epistle reading, and a lay sermon describing the program. The last Sunday, October 26th, will be In-gathering Sunday, when we will give either our pledge paperwork or a token before the Peace. On that day, we will also have a celebration of the campaign after the 10 A.M. service, with soup or chili and bread. Please help us to make this year’s campaign successful.

Focus on the Women of St. Barnabas

It is so exciting to see so many new faces in the St. Barnabas pews.  Welcome everyone!  With that being said we thought we would take a minute to share with you just what the Women of St. Barnabas is all about.  Our mission statement is as follows:  “The mission of the Women of St. Barnabas, through service, gifts, and fellowship, will deepen and strengthen each woman’s spiritual life in service for the church and the community.”  Our group works with the priest and Vestry to help with many functions of the church.  Please check our bulletin board in Grafe Hall with current and ongoing events.
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Estate Planning Seminar

The Finance and Stewardship Commission is pleased to offer an Estate
Planning seminar at St. Barnabas on Sunday, September 28th, at 11:30 A.M. The attorney is Darren Dooley from Nay & Friedenberg, a professional financial planning firm. This session is informational (no commitment required), but should provide us with valuable information about planning for our financial futures. If you have questions please speak to Betty Woerner or Sandy Hunnicutt.

We need to provide a tentative head count to attorney Darren Dooley a week before the seminar. Please let Betty or Sandy know that you will be attending.

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