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2016 Annual Parish Meeting

This year’s Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday January 24 following the 10:00 AM service. We will briefly review 2015, elect new Vestry member and convention delegates, approve the 2016 parish budget and, of course, have a small morsel to eat – The Women of St Barnabas will provide a light lunch (thank you!). There are two Vestry positions open this year and Leslie Coefield and Justin Reel have both been nominated. Based on our number of pledges for 2016, we are allotted three convention delegates and one alternate. Cathie Dainton Piacente and Melissa Wall have been nominated. So, we still need one more delegate and an alternate (the alternate only must attend if one of the delegates becomes unavailable). This year’s convention is scheduled for 3-5 November in Eugene. If you have been dreaming of an all-expense paid trip to Duck Town, the answer to your dream is at hand. Nominations can be made until Sunday, January 17, and will also be accepted from the floor during the meeting.

Annual Meeting of St. Barnabas

Hold the date for Sunday, January 24, 2016. The meeting will be held following the 10:00 a.m. service and the Women of St. Barnabas will be hosting a luncheon to keep us fortified.

Parish Annual Meeting

There was great attendance at the parish annual meeting on January 25th. Carolyn Nelson and Robbie Jessen were elected to the Vestry, filling positions vacated by Jim Anderson and Jennie Armstrong. Father Sean presented Jim and Jennie with very stylish St. Barnabas shirts in appreciation for their service. Betty Woerner was appointed as the new Senior Warden, replacing Eva Calcagno, who will continue on the Vestry. Treasurer Ken Ross noted that our finances are in much better shape than they have been for the last few years, and that with the completion of the Barnabas House sale we will be able to replenish some of the investment funds we have used to cover costs for preparing the property for sale. The Vestry will hold a Retreat on February 28th to set goals for the coming year and make commission assignments.

Parish Annual Meeting

Mark your calendars for Sunday, January 25th for the Annual Meeting. We need your input, your suggestions and your votes to elect two new Vestry members. If you have an inkling that this might be a ministry for you, please talk to Father Sean or Senior Warden Eva Calcagno.

Stump the Priest

A Special Stump the Priest Question for January: What is the Annual Meeting and what are the duties of the Vestry members that we elect at the meeting?

Our Annual Meeting is scheduled to follow the 10:00 AM service on Sunday, January 25.
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