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The Altar Guild needs a little help (and it doesn’t include being on the Altar Guild)…..

Are you a seamstress or an embroiderer? St Barnabas needs new linens for the altar. Our credence cloths and purificators are in need of replacement and we have table linens that can be repurposed to create new ones. We just need a few skilled people to take up needle and thread to help defray the cost of purchasing new ones. They are quite expensive. If you feel called to assist with this project please contact Anita Galloway. Oh, and if you would like to be on the Altar Guild, there are still spots available, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Altar Guild

Every Service at St. Barnabas is made possible by the quiet efforts of our extremely dedicated and talented Altar Guild. We could not joyfully worship without them. Yet, their numbers are dwindling. Many of our longtime members find themselves unable to continue as their mobility decreases. The reduced participation puts a real strain on our remaining Altar Guild members – we can really use your help!
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