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Agape Dinner, April 2nd

Maundy Thursday is April 2nd and following our 6:30 service The Women of St. Barnabas will be hosting the Agape Dinner. This is a vegetarian dinner of bread, cheese, fruit, veggies, nuts, dried fruit, and wine. There is a sign up in Grafe Hall for help with food items. Please take a look to see where you can help. This has been a lovely gathering over the years and a tradition we hope to carry well into the future. Please join us for this commemoration of the Last Supper meal. It follows the Maundy Thursday service, including foot-washing and stripping of the Altar to prepare for Good Friday.

Pastoral Care Easter Basket Project

Once again the Pastoral Care Commission, led by Sheila Dougherty, is sponsoring Easter Basket Outreach Project. For the past several years, parish members choose a name from our list of recipients listed on a poster in the narthex, and either fill a basket or deliver the filled basket on Palm Sunday, or both. These are for parish members who are no longer able to make it to St. Barnabas to celebrate with us. Baskets and grass are provided. You provide the goodies such as candy, tea, cookies, note cards, stamps, hand lotion or whatever you think appropriate. This small gift brings such joy to those who receive them. We ask that these be returned on Palm Sunday, in order to allow the delivery person a week to stop by and visit.

If you are interested in joining the Pastoral Care Commission please see Sheila at church. Volunteers are needed to send greeting cards monthly and we would love to have more people to help with this. She also organizes teams of two to go out and visit. See where your heart leads you!

Stump the Priest

I received two questions this month (a new, if somewhat ignominious, record) and they were both doozies. The first is, “What house in Harry Potter would Pope Francis be in?” I am sorry to admit that I know next to nothing about Harry Potter, so my first thought was the red house, to match his red Papal shoes. However, after some research, I figured out that there are four houses at Harry’s Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff and none of them are red! The shadier folks tend to end up in Slytherin, so the Pontiff surely would not live there. But what about the other three? I have no idea – but Glenn votes for either Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. On the other hand, the Roman Catholic Church takes a pretty dim view of witchcraft, so His Holiness might just choose to remain in his comfy digs in Vatican City.

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Need a ride to church?

St. Barnabas is initiating a ride program for members who cannot drive themselves to church. Our plan is to offer rides once a month, on the third Sunday so that the riders can share in the monthly breakfast before attending the 10:00 AM service. If you are interested in either driving or riding, please e-mail Fr. Sean or call the church office.

Vestry Commission Assignments

The Vestry met for a Retreat on March 28th, to do some goal setting for 2015 and to make commission assignments for the year. Stay tuned for more details of our goals, including updating the Strategic Plan.
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Nursery News

Since Easter 2014, the Nursery has shared a space in the chapel, off to the right outside the sanctuary. It is close by and convenient for parents who wish to have a safe place for little ones and allows parents to attend the service knowing that their children are in good care.
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If Lent Madness has you all revved up, how about some Arena Football?

Save the date for a Portland Thunder Arena Football game on Friday, May 30th against the San Jose SaberCats at 3:00 p.m. They are offering discount tickets to churches. We just need to get 20 people who want to have fun, enjoy a wild afternoon of action-packed indoor football and we are good to go. If you are interested, let Father Sean know!

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