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Prayer Shawl Knitting Group and 1st Tuesday Brown Bag/Potluck Lunch Bunch

We have decided to continue through the summer. Come and be motivated to work on prayer shawls or your knitting projects. Our first summer meeting is on July 1st at Noon.

What is confirmation and why do we confirm people?

Confirmation has not always been a part of Christian tradition; in fact, it is a rite that did not exist in the ancient church.  In early Christianity, adult converts were baptized and anointed by local bishops following an extended catechism (as long as three years) and then participated in Holy Eucharist for the first time.
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Barnabas House Property Sale

I used to pray to God to teach me patience.  As we pass the one- year mark on this “Sale Pending” I’ve decided the Barnabas House sale process is my lesson! We believe that a landscaper is on task now to complete the final steps to satisfy city requirements for separating the lots form the church parcel. This includes shifting the parking area on the lower level (between Barnabas House and the church) five feet to the west (toward the playground). We must also add some landscaping on the east side between the shifted parking area and Barnabas House to return it to “residential” status. A timeline is yet to be seen, but site visits, proposals, and so forth are happening.  Keep your fingers crossed! —Senior Warden, Eva Calcagno

Free Community Dinner

The next Community Dinner is on Saturday, June 14th, from 5:00 -6:30 P.M. There are always opportunities to help. Dinner is held each 2nd Saturday. Sign up in Grafe Hall.

Father’s Day Breakfast

June 15th is the third Sunday of the month and that means breakfast.  The WoSB are giving the guys the day off and are taking over the kitchen to prepare a delicious breakfast for all.  Dads – come and enjoy a celebration just for you starting at 9:00 A.M. in Grafe Hall.

Second Sunday Yard Work Party

The next Second Sunday Yard Work Party will be happening on Sunday, June 8th, following the Pentecost Chili Cook-Off. Eat and be fortified, then come help us clean up the garden and playground area.

St. Barnabas Choir

Choir practice is on summer break and will resume on September 7.

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